As a teacher, Troy Robey is patient, thorough, generous, and resourceful. He is available for ongoing lessons in the Denver, CO region as well as via Skype. Additionally, he often gives lessons while on tour (see calendar).

Beginning and intermediate bassists will benefit from Robey’s comprehensive approach to teaching the instrument. More advanced students will enjoy a collegial relationship in which the sharing of ideas and concepts will lead to new breakthroughs. Topics covered in bass lessons include:

• Technique: posture, applying the entire body, left hand, right-hand, arco (bowing), pizzicato (plucking)
• Listening!
• Developing tone, time, and intonation
• Reading music and learning fingerboard positions (using the Simandl method book)
• Music theory
• More listening!
• Playing well with others
• Learning and developing various playing styles

Robey also teaches jazz improvisation to students who play instruments other than the bass. These lessons are appropriate for current musicians who wish to learn jazz, for jazz musicians who wish to improve their current level of playing, or for those returning to an instrument after having taken time off. Lessons include much listening and playing together and having fun in the process of learning to play great music.

Robey is a student of Kenny Werner’s ‘Effortless Mastery’ approach to music and often uses Werner’s concepts in lessons. This includes learning to play in a relaxed and comfortable state, overcoming fears that inhibit playing, immersing oneself in the enjoyment of playing music, and learning to master material in a deliberate and focused manner.

Please contact Robey with questions and to check availability and rates. Sliding fee scale is available for those with financial challenges.